When you have spent more than 14 summer seasons working in the wild canadian forests, it becomes pretty natural to develop a love for the wood. And this is exactly what happened to Sophie, the owner of Unik Printshop. Since 2011, she decided to specialize on printing on wood and developed a series of screen printed images on wood veneer as well a new mix and match magnetic game printed on birch wood.  



We chose NATURE as the theme for our first edition of this mix and match game. They are screen printed in 5 colors on 1/8″ thick birch wood. Each character is made of 3 small magnetic pieces. Depending on age and feeling of the moment, you can try to recreate the original characters of the series, or you can mix and match and imagine new ones! With a few hundreds possibilities, there’s hours of fun to be had! 



Unik Printshop is screen printing directly on wood veneer that is about 1mm thick. Its then put in a frame and it becomes a great, simple and organic new decoration! The different essence of trees and their respective lines and colors give to every print a unique and interesting look. We usually print on maple, wedge, rosewood, cherry, ash wood…. We created the veneers in different standard sizes but the most popular are the 5″x7″ and the 8″x10″.